Question: What is the number one reason you need an estate plan?

AnswerTo prevent your loved ones from experiencing the nightmares, unnecessary expenses, mental distress and loss of assets that will occur if you fail to sign an estate plan that protects them.

Hire us and we will prepare the documents and estate plan that will protect your loved ones and minimize the stress and economic harm that could arise if you were to die without preparing for death. With our estate plan you can sleep at night knowing that you've done the right thing for your most valuable assets – your loved ones.

What's your most valuable asset?

If you said a home or real estate or a business, I'm sure you purchased insurance for it. Aren't your loved ones your most valuable asset? Have you insured your tangible assets, but left your loved ones “uninsured” if something were to happen to you?

Your family may suffer severe financial loss if you were to die or become incompetent without a comprehensive estate plan. Without an estate plan, your family may have to spend thousands of dollars on legal fees and experience the delays and aggravation of going to superior court to get a court order appointing someone to make decisions about your health care, financial affairs and if the doctor should pull the plug.

Don't set your family up for the heartache and lawyer fees experienced by Terry Schiavo's husband and parents. Remember Terry? She was a young woman who made national news because she lived for years as a vegetable while her husband and parents fought over who should make health care decisions for her and whether the doctor should pull the plug on her life support. Terry's family could have saved 15 years of pain and truck loads of lawyer fees if Terry had signed a living will and a health care power of attorney.

If you don't have an estate plan, it's probably because you have procrastinated. For the many reasons why you should have a comprehensive estate plan, see my in depth article on this topic called “Why You Need an Estate Plan to Protect Your Family and the High Cost of Procrastination and Neglect.”

If your loved ones are not protected, stop procrastinating and take the first step to protect your loved ones by going to our online appointment calendar where you can schedule a free estate planning consultation.

During our 45 – 90 minute free meeting Ricky or I will answer your questions about wills, trusts and estate planning and design your estate plan. At the end of our meeting if you decide to hire us we'll ask you to sign our engagement agreement. If you don't want to hire us, there is no charge for our meeting.

Our Estate Plan

$3,497 for a single person and $4,497 for a couple.  If you bought our Gold LLC within four months of the date you pay for your estate plan you get a $1,000 discount.  This plan includes a revocable living trust that provides that the assets in your trust pass automatically on your death (or on the death of both spouses if you are married) to an irrevocable beneficiary controlled asset protected trust created for each of your heirs and their descendants.  Your heirs inherited assets in their trusts will be protected for life from their creditors, ex-spouses and bankruptcy courts.  Each heir's trust is also a "dynasty trust" that creates a trust for your heirs children on the heir's death. See "A Smart Option for Transferring Wealth Through Generations: The Dynasty Trust."

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