When you hire us to prepare your our Bronze or our Gold estate plan you (and your spouse or significant other if you purchase a joint estate plan) will get the following items:

1. A free estate planning consultation (in office, via Zoom or by phone) with an Arizona estate planning attorney who will learn about you and your loved ones and your concerns, answer any questions you have and design an estate plan that will carry out your goals for your family if you were to die or become mentally incapacitated.

2. Unlimited free calls, emails and meetings with one of our estate planning attorneys before and after you sign your estate plan documents.

3. A Last Will & Testament that states who inherits your assets. If you have any children under age 18 the Will will also state who you want to raise the minor children if both parents were to die before the children become adults.

4. A Living Will that is instructions from you to the doctors that you want them to pull the plug on the machines that are keeping you alive if you are brain dead.

5. A Healthcare Power of Attorney in which you name one or more people to make decisions about your healthcare if you are unable to communicate with your doctors.

6. A HIPAA Authorization that gives your healthcare agents the ability to get information about you from your doctors and hospitals.

7. A Financial Power of Attorney in which you name one or more trusted people who will have the power to deal with your financial affairs if you were to become mentally incapacitated.

8. A Beneficiary Deed that will cause your home to pass to heirs named in the deed on your death or on the death of the second spouse to die if you own the home with your spouse.

9. A Personal Property Memorandum that you can use to make gifts of specific items of personal property to a named person. For example, if you want to give your wedding ring to Bart Simpson you designate Bart in the PPM to receive the ring on your death.

10. A signing conference in our office in Scottsdale where we provide two witnesses and a notary.

11. A thumb drive that has pdf digital copies of all of your signed, witnessed and notarized estate plan documents.

12. A nice three ring binder that has all of your original signed, witnessed and notarized estate plan documents organized behind tabs.

It typically takes two weeks from start to finish to meet with you, prepare your documents and have a signing meeting.

Our Estate Plan

$3,497 for a single person and $4,497 for a couple.  If you bought our Gold LLC within four months of the date you pay for your estate plan you get a $1,000 discount.  This plan includes a revocable living trust that provides that the assets in your trust pass automatically on your death (or on the death of both spouses if you are married) to an irrevocable beneficiary controlled asset protected trust created for each of your heirs and their descendants.  Your heirs inherited assets in their trusts will be protected for life from their creditors, ex-spouses and bankruptcy courts.  Each heir's trust is also a "dynasty trust" that creates a trust for your heirs children on the heir's death. See "A Smart Option for Transferring Wealth Through Generations: The Dynasty Trust."

To purchase our estate plan: