by Richard Keyt, Arizona estate planning & real estate lawyer

I prepare Beneficiary Deeds for $495 for people who own Arizona real property and who want to avoid probate. A properly drafted, signed, notarized and recorded Beneficiary Deed can cause the ownership of Arizona real property to transfer automatically on the death of the last owner to the person, people or entities named in the Beneficiary Deed. The Arizona Beneficiary Deed is a way to avoid probate without the extra expense of creating a revocable living trust. For more about the Arizona Beneficiary Deed see my article on this topic.

For people who would rather prepare their own Arizona Beneficiary Deed rather than pay an Arizona real estate and estate planning lawyer like me to prepare it, I offer my Do-It-Yourself Arizona Beneficiary Deed form. When you purchase my DIY Beneficiary Deed, I'll send you an email immediately after you pay online that contains 8 documents, including Microsoft Word 2003 files of the three different Beneficiary Deeds that you may edit.  My Beneficiary Deed is a form I developed specifically for Arizona real property. It complies with Arizona law.

Name Contingent Beneficiaries

My Beneficiary Deed form allows you to name contingent beneficiaries in case a primary beneficiary dies. For example, you might want to leave your Arizona real property to your children, but if one child is deceased, you want the share that would have gone to the deceased child to go to the deceased child's children. Another option would be to have the share go equally to the other living children instead of the grandchildren.

What You Get for $47

Each Beneficiary Deed comes with detailed instructions on how to edit your form using Microsoft Word so it works for you. For a mere $47 I will email the following 8 documents to you immediately after you purchase the Beneficiary Deed and related documents in our secure online web store. Here's what you get:

  1. Three separate Arizona Beneficiary Deed forms in editable Microsoft Word 2003 format:

A. For a single person

B. For a married couple who own the property jointly

C. For a married person who owns the property as separate property. This deed contains a Spousal Disclaimer by which the non-owner spouse disclaims any ownership of the property. Caution: Without a Spousal Disclaimer, the non-owner spouse might claim a community property interest in the real property.

  1. Three sample fully completed Beneficiary Deeds in Adobe pdf format.  These sample deeds illustrate what each of type of deed looks like when properly edited. The samples illustrate deeds for:

A. a single person

B. a married couple who own the property jointly

C. a married person who owns the property as separate property.

  1. Letter to the County Recorder to Record the Deed (Word format). Contains the addresses of all Arizona County Recorders. Edit the letter by deleting addresses except that of your county recorder.
  1. Arizona Recording Requirements – a detailed explanation about Arizona deeds, how to record a deed and Arizona law applicable to requirements for recording documents with county recorders.

How to Purchase Arizona Real Estate Lawyer Richard Keyt's Arizona Beneficiary Deed Form

Arizona real estate lawyer Richard Keyt‘s Do-It-Yourself Arizona Beneficiary Deed form and the 7 related documents for $47, click here to go to our secure online store and pay with your Visa or MasterCard. As soon as you pay, we will send you an email message to which your Beneficiary Deed and the 7 related documents will be attached.

Note: A person who purchases my Do-It-Yourself Arizona Beneficiary Deed, is purchasing a legal form, not hiring Richard Keyt or the law firm of KEYTLaw, LLC (collectively the “Firm”), to represent the purchaser. Before using a legal form, the Firm recommends that you always consult with an experienced attorney. A person may become a client of the Firm only by entering into a written agreement signed by the Firm that describes the legal services to be provided and the cost thereof.

About Richard Keyt

Richard Keyt prepares wills, living trusts, estate plans and other related estate documents for Arizona residents. Rick, a former partner in one of the largest law firms in Arizona, has practiced law in Arizona since 1980. Rick's email address is [email protected]. His direct phone number is 480-664-7478.