This questionnaire is for an Arizona resident who wants to learn who will inherit his or her membership interest in a limited liability company, corporation or partnership and any other property the Arizona resident owns if he or she does not have a Will or a Trust that disposes of the asset(s).  When you click on the Submit button at the end of the questionnaire our system will send an email message to the email address entered at the beginning of the question.  The email message will contain all the information entered in the questionnaire and all responses generated by the questionnaire based on the input of the person who completes the questionnaire.

Warning:  If you are a member of a multi-member LLC, stockholder of a corporation or partner of a partnership that has one or more Arizona residents as owners you should complete this questionnaire for that Arizona resident to see who will inherit the ownership interest of the Arizona resident if that person were to die.  You may find out that the Arizona resident needs to sign a Will or a Trust to make sure the right person inherits the company.