My son and I wrote an ebook called “Family Asset Protection.” The purposed of the ebook is to help people learn about wills, trusts and estate planning and how to protect their loved ones.

Many people have complimented us on our ebook. They like it because the ebook simplifies and explains a lot of estate planning concepts that can be confusing. Readers also say that the illustrations are very helpful. Please recommend Family Asset Protection to your loved ones and friends by forwarding this message to them.

Here's the table of contents of the Family Asset Protection ebook with a link to each chapter:

Chapter 1. Estate Planning

Chapter 2. Primary Reason to Have a Trust

Chapter 3. Examples of Bad Estate Planning by the Rich and Famous

Chapter 4. Family Asset Protection Checklist

Chapter 5. Learn Who Will Inherit Your Assets if You Die?

Chapter 6. Ten Reasons to Sign a Will or a Trust

Chapter 7. Trusts Explained from A to Z

Chapter 8. Funding Your Trust

Chapter 9. Trustees Explained

Chapter 10. Three Stages in the Life of a Married Couple’s Trust

Chapter 11. What Happens to the Trust After the First Spouse Dies?

Chapter 12. Two Stages in the Life of a Single Person’s Trust

Chapter 13, How to Give Assets to Loved Ones in an Asset Protected Trust

Chapter 14. Federal Estate Tax

Chapter 15. How to Prevent the IRS from Getting 40% of Life Insurance

Chapter 16. Contents & Cost of an Estate Plan with a Trust

Chapter 17. Special Needs Trusts

Chapter 18. How to Hire Us to Create Your Estate Plan

Our Estate Plan

$3,497 for a single person and $4,497 for a couple.  If you bought our Gold LLC within four months of the date you pay for your estate plan you get a $1,000 discount.  This plan includes a revocable living trust that provides that the assets in your trust pass automatically on your death (or on the death of both spouses if you are married) to an irrevocable beneficiary controlled asset protected trust created for each of your heirs and their descendants.  Your heirs inherited assets in their trusts will be protected for life from their creditors, ex-spouses and bankruptcy courts.  Each heir's trust is also a "dynasty trust" that creates a trust for your heirs children on the heir's death. See "A Smart Option for Transferring Wealth Through Generations: The Dynasty Trust."

To purchase our estate plan: