Warning: I am going to publish a series of articles that describe common scenarios that harm loved ones when a person fails to plan for death and has no will or trust. If any example applies to you then you need a will or trust to eliminate the problem.

The titles of the scenarios are:

Example 1 The Ultimate Nightmare – Decedent's Assets Inherited by Decedent's Spouse Go to Spouse's Creditor

Example 2 Assets Don't Go to Decedent's Spouse

Example 3 Assets Go to a Minor Child

Example 4 Assets Go to an Unwanted Heir

Example 5 Assets Go to an Heir Who Gets Divorced

Example 6 Assets Go to a Drug Addict Heir

Example 7 Assets Go to an Heir with a Creditor Problem

Example 8 Assets Go to Special Needs Person

Example 9 Outright Gift to a Child that Needs Asset Protection


If any of the above scenarios applies or might apply to your or your loved ones you need to adopt an estate plan with a comprehensive trust that creates life-time asset protection for your loved ones.

Our Estate Plan

$3,497 for a single person and $4,497 for a couple.  If you bought our Gold LLC within four months of the date you pay for your estate plan you get a $1,000 discount.  This plan includes a revocable living trust that provides that the assets in your trust pass automatically on your death (or on the death of both spouses if you are married) to an irrevocable beneficiary controlled asset protected trust created for each of your heirs and their descendants.  Your heirs inherited assets in their trusts will be protected for life from their creditors, ex-spouses and bankruptcy courts.  Each heir's trust is also a "dynasty trust" that creates a trust for your heirs children on the heir's death. See "A Smart Option for Transferring Wealth Through Generations: The Dynasty Trust."

To purchase our estate plan: