Thank you for submitting our Estate Plan questionnaire and/or paying your fee.  Our estate plan process consists of the following steps:

Step 1.  Submit our Estate Plan Questionnaire if you have not yet completed it.

Step 2. Estate Plan Questionnaire Emailed to You. When you click on the Submit button at the end of the Questionnaire our system will sent an email message to you that contains all the information you entered into the Questionnaire.  The subject is “Estate Plan Questionnaire for Your Name.”  If you don't see the message in your in box, check your spam folder.  If you can't find the message send an email message to [email protected] and tell Richard Keyt you didn't get the email with the Questionnaire.

Step 3. You Review the Questionnaire. Please review the contents of the Questionnaire and if you want to change anything click on the reply button and send us an email message in which you tell us what you want to change.

Step 4. Pay Your Fee. Please pay for your estate plan with your major credit card on our secure payment page.  You can also call our legal assistant at at 480-664-7846 and give her your credit card information.

Step 5. Make an Appointment with me or my father Richard Keyt to Go Over Your Questionnaire & Answer Your Questions. Make an appointment with Richard Keyt for a phone conference or a video conference by using his online scheduling calendar or an in office, phone or video conference with me by using my online scheduling calendar.  You may also call our legal assistant Michelle at 480-664-7846 to make the appointment.

Step 6. Make an Appointment to Sign Your Documents. Make an appointment for a signing conference by using Richard C. Keyt's online scheduling calendar.  You can also call our legal assistant Michelle at 480-7413 to make the appointment.

Step 7. 90 Day Review Period. If you want to make any changes to any of your documents we do not charge for changes made within ninety days after you sign your documents.

Richard C. Keyt
Arizona estate planning attorney
Direct phone: 480-664-7472
Email: [email protected]