Check your email inbox and spam folder to see if you got an email from Richard Keyt that contains the questions and answers you submitted on your Inheritor's Trust Questionnaire.  If you did not get the email then contact KEYTLaw legal assistant Michelle Watkins at 602-906-4953, ext. 5 or [email protected] and ask her to resend the Questionnaire to you.

If you have not yet paid for your Inheritor's Trust go to our secure online store to purchase your Trust.

After we get your Questionnaire and payment the sequence of events will be as follows:

  • Richard C. Keyt will call you to answer any questions you may have and to set a date and time to come to our office to sign your trust documents.  Keep in mind that none of the trust documents are signed by the beneficiary because he/she is not forming the trust.  The Inheritor's Trust is formed by a loved one for the beneficiary.
  • Within one week of getting your questionnaire and payment we will prepare the trust and send it to you for review.  If you want to make changes send us an email that describes the changes or call Richard C. Keyt at 480-664-7472 and tell him what you want to change.

If you have questions call me.

Richard C. Keyt
[email protected]