Complete and submit the questionnaire below to hire us to prepare a Last Will & Testament for a resident of Arizona.

Warning for Arizona Residents

The State of Arizona has a law that determines who inherits the assets of people who die without a will or a trust.  This law may cause your assets to be inherited by the wrong person or people.  To learn who will inherit your assets if you lack a will or trust see my article called Who Inherits Your Property If You Die without a Will or a Trust and take my short online quiz called Who Inherits Your Property.  If the wrong person or people would inherit your assets the solution is for you to hire us to prepare a will or a trust that leaves your assets to the person or people you want to inherit the assets.

Steps to Hire the Keyts to Prepare Your Estate Plan

1.  See the contents and prices of our two estate plans and decide if you want a silver or a gold estate plan.  A revocable living trust is only included in our gold estate plan.  The primary reason people buy a revocable living trust is they want to create beneficiary controlled asset protected trusts for each of their loved ones so the inherited assets can never be reached by the loved one’s creditors, ex-spouses or a bankruptcy court.

2. Make an appointment with one of Keyts using their online calendar for your free estate planning consultation.  You can meet in our office, via phone or by a Zoom video conference.  The meetings typically last 45 – 90 minutes.  We are located at 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 135 in Scottsdale.  We are one mile south of Shea Blvd., and one block east of Scottsdale road.

3. Complete our silver estate plan questionnaire or our gold estate plan questionnaire. When you submit the questionnaire our system will send an email message to you and to us that contains all the information in the questionnaire.

4. Conduct your free estate plan consultation.

5. Come to our office to sign your documents in front of two witnesses and a notary.

Total time from start to signed documents is one to two weeks.

FYI:  Arizona residents should learn Who Gets My Property If I Die Without A Will Or Trust?