New York Post:  The prosecutor said in closing remarks in the 4-month-old Brook Astor swindle case that Brooke Astor “committed the unforgivable sin of living too long” and that her son “could not wait” for her money.  Assistant District Attorney Joel Seidemann said that the elderly Astor said of her only child, “All he wants is money, money, money. I wish he had made something of himself, instead of waiting for the money.”

Anthony Marshall faces up to 25 years in prison for allegedly strong-arming his frail, failing, century-old mother into signing over more than $60 million in bequests, money long promised to city institutions.  Astor was Marshall's “own little ATM,” [prosecutor] Seidemann told the Manhattan state Supreme Court jurors.  He noted that Astor had changed her will 32 times, with seven codicils, over 50 years. But by the time she died in 2007, she was not competent to amend it in Marshall's favor, Seidemann said.