The New York Observer:  “Neil Bender, Greenwich Village's largest private landlord, caretaker of and disputed heir to the William Gottlieb real estate empire-which includes more than 100 individual properties in what has become one of the most valuable residential neighborhoods in New York City-is a reclusive, 54-year-old Springsteen fan with a thick shock of silver hair that he's wont to run his fingers through, a limp handshake, a stocky build, an affection for old cars, and a stable of critics that includes his tenants, his late Uncle Billy's old friends, his sister and nephew and his former osteopath.  “If Billy heard and found out all the things that were going on right now, he'd find it very deplorable,” said Michael Corbett, Mr. Bender's nephew and Gottlieb's grandnephew, who is now in an extended legal fight with his uncle to reclaim what he considers partly his inheritance.”