Wealth Strategies just published the first of a six part series on lesser known trusts written by attorney Wendy Goffe.  She says, “Part I of the article provides a brief outline and introduction.  Part II discusses unusual trusts that still conform to the usual trust model.  Part III discusses commercial trusts, or corporations masquerading as trusts.  Part IV discusses trusts without a beneficiary, the so-called “purpose trusts.”  Parts V and VI discuss miscellaneous trusts, constructive trusts, and trusts that defy categorization.  Finally Part VII discuses sham trusts — creative criminal acts using a trust name.”

Part 2 of the article covers the following commercial trusts:

  • Statutory Business Trusts
  • Investment Trusts
  • Environmental Remediation Trusts
  • Statutory Land Trusts
  • Liquidating Trusts
  • Voting Trusts.

Part 3 covers the following purpose trusts:

  • Funeral and Cemetery Trusts
  • Gun Trusts
  • Pet Trusts

Part 4 is about Trusts That Defy Categorization.

  • Blind Trusts for Public Officials
  • Blind Trusts for Business Executives
  • Coogan Trusts
  • Totten Trusts

Part 5 explains Sham Trusts