Reading A nephew of an elderly Berks County woman who died and left a $200,000 estate accused his aunt's caretakers of forcing the woman to change her will to give the couple her money.

Register of Wills Lawrence J. Medaglia Jr. said the nephew, who had no close ties to his aunt, saw a quick way to get cash.

“The nephew then asked his aunt to sign another will, as she was dying, to change her will, taking the couple out,” said Medaglia, who has held his office for 16 years. “The nephew saw dollar signs from an aunt who had no kids.”

Medaglia, who held a hearing on the matter, ruled in favor of the caretaker couple.

A Berks County judge upheld his decision.

Medaglia recommends hiring an attorney who specializes in writing wills. He said that of the 700 lawyers practicing in Berks about 150 write wills as part of their practice.

This is an example of the 35 to 40 contested wills he handles in a typical year. The hearing lasted three days.