Wall St. Journal:  “Gabe Molitor is no ordinary trust-fund kid: He has epilepsy and Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism. His mother, Shelby Valentine, recently set up what's known as a special-needs trust, which will provide funding to pay for some of her 30-year-old son's expenses when Ms. Valentine and her husband are no longer able to care for him. . . . ‘It was such a relief,' says Ms. Valentine. ‘It gives him a better quality of life after we are gone.'  Parents of children with special needs often face years of expensive care for their children. Now a growing number of financial-services companies, lawyers and financial planners — often calling themselves “special-needs planners” — are springing up to help parents provide for kids with disabilities, especially when parents are no longer alive to provide care. These professionals guide families through the intricate maze of federal and state programs for disabled individuals, and help set up trusts, insurance policies, retirement plans and estate-planning documents.