Question:  The BATFE sent me my approved Form 4 for my NFA title II firearm.  What should I do with this original document?

Answer:  I recommend that every individual, trust, LLC or corporation that submits any forms to the BATFE in connection with the acquisition, transport, disposition or any other purpose obtain a safe deposit box at a bank and deposit all original BATFE documents and copies thereof  in the safe deposit box for safekeeping.  The  safe deposit box should be registered with the bank in the name of the NFA firearm registrant.  It is especially important to safe-guard original documents that have a tax stamp.

The BATFE may demand to see the original form or a copy of it.  Consider your 4th amendment rights.  The BATFE loses records so it is important that you keep all originals and copies of forms submitted to and received from the BATFE.

Caution:  If the NFA firearm is a machine gun losing the machinegun's associated paperwork could cause the person who possesses the firearm to be charged with a violation of 18 USC sec. 922(o), which states the general rule “it shall be unlawful for any person to transfer or possess a machinegun.”