Question:  I am the trustee of my Arizona gun trust.  The trust registered the NFA firearm with the BATFE.  The weapon was shipped to my local Arizona FFL and is waiting to be picked up.  I recently moved to Arizona from another state and have not yet obtained an Arizona driver's license.  Can I get the NFA firearm from the dealer?

Answer:  No.  As trustee of the gun trust that registered NFA firearm, you have the legal right to possess the firearm.  However, federal law requires that the dealer obtain a completed and signed Form 4473 from you and do a NICS check.  You must present an acceptable form of ID that shows your current residence address.  If your only ID is your non-Arizona driver's license, the dealer cannot deliver the firearm to you.

A trustee who does not live in Arizona  may legally possess in Arizona the NFA firearm registered to the gun trust.  If the trustee of an Arizona gun trust wants to possess the Arizona gun trust's NFA firearm outside of Arizona the trustee must file a BATFE Form 5320.20 Application to Transport Interstate or Temporarily Export Certain National Firearm Act (NFA) Firearms.