My San 

Dear Mr. Premack: My wife has been gradually getting worse dementia, and I’ve finally had to place her into a nursing home. Her care costs over $5000 each month, and while we are not entirely without resources, this is far beyond what we can afford. We have about $200 thousand in savings, our home is paid off, and between us we have about $2800 each month income. She named me as agent in a durable power of attorney last year, and we each have Wills leaving everything to each other. Is there any
way that we can qualify for help to pay the nursing home bill? – T.R.

There are only three ways to pay for the medical care your wife needs. First, you can pay from your own income and assets, which is honorable and in fact necessary. Second, you could have purchased long-term care insurance, which would then be obligated to pay for a portion of her nursing home care. Third, you can seek taxpayer assistance from Medicaid.