Estate of Denial®: At Estate of Denial®, the question of “what can people do to protect themselves, their assets and their heirs?” is often asked. Five years of studying probate culture and estate disputes yields “not a whole lot” as the most honest answer. And this status will not change despite personal liberty and property rights being increasingly challenged unless the public educates itself on inheritance rights and other probate-related threats to help take a stand against the organized, systemic looting of property and freedoms occurring in courthouses, legal offices and associated venues across this country.

“Proper estate planning” is hardly the foolproof safeguard from abusive probate actions touted in legal industry product sales pitches, but it is necessary. It should be done, however, with the knowledge that wills, trusts, guardianships and even powers of attorney are not failsafe mechanisms for protecting assets and in fact, today’s legal environment is a breeding ground allowing use of these instruments in ways absolutely contrary to their intended purposes.