Estate of Denial:  Bradford Lund, heir to an immense Disney fortune and son of local developer Bill Lund, wants a federal judge to fire his state-appointed legal guardian.

Lund, his father, and other members of the family have been embroiled in a nasty fight over hundreds of millions of dollars in a trust left to Walt Disney’s grandkids. An articleabout the flap last year in the Arizona Republic exposed the family’s squabble and how it ended up in probate court.

In a nutshell, Bill Lund married Disney’s daughter, Sharon, back in the 60s, and had twins with her. After their divorce in 1977, Bill was made one of the trustees to the kids’ fortune. He and his daughter, Michelle, had a falling out after she suspected him of dabbling in her financial affairs while she was laid up in 2009 with a medical condition.