Estate of Denial:  “The Descendants,” a family drama set in Hawaii, won the Golden Globe on Sunday night for best drama. George Clooney, who stars in the film as a father coming to grips with his wife’s impending death, won for lead actor in a drama.

Since our review published in November, our fans told us this is the best trust film ever released. The central theme is about a family trust and its trustee-advisor — played by George Clooney, no less – found their way to the silver screen last November in Alexander Payne’s film, “The Descendants.”

This is The Trust Advisor’s favorite film of the season, a depiction of what the trust industry is all about. This is a MUST see for anyone in the trust world.

Every multi-generational trust is a balancing act between the living and the dead, with the trustee in the precarious position of having to weigh the wishes of vanished grantors against the priorities of their heirs.

The film “The Descendants,” by the director of “About Schmidt” and “Sideways,” frames that balancing act against the lush landscape of Kauai, where the fictional King family have lived for decades on acreage held in trust.

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