Washington Times: Unless you know something we do not, you will eventually pass away, and you should plan for it by writing your Last Will & Testament.

A will protects your family after your death and is one of the most vital documents you need. You may not care what happens to your money or assets after you die, and you may not care how all of it is distributed. You may not have money or assets, or you may plan on spending all of it before you die.

Getting past these tangible things, there is another personal, primary focus of a Last Will & Testament. What do you want to happen to you if you go into a coma? Do you want doctors to employ life-saving procedures? Most wills include a document called a Medical Directive to guide those decisions. Do you remember hearing about Terry Schiavo many years ago? She was in a coma and did not have a will, because she was quite young. Who needs a will in their 20s?

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