Business Insider:  “Henry loves fetching his tennis ball and playing tug with his stuffed animals. About 6 years old, the Shih Tzu mix likely has many good years left.

In a way, that worries his owner.

Fern Edson adopted Henry from the PAWS Chicago animal shelter almost four years ago. Her age: 84. “I really didn't think about the age difference,” Edson said. About 18 months later, “I started thinking about it.”

Edson, whose investment banker husband died 12 years ago, has found peace of mind about Henry's future, however. She's enrolled in PAWS' Guardian Angel pet care program, in which donors who leave bequests to the no-kill shelter are assured it will care for animals that outlive their owners.

It's one of several ways that pet lovers are making provisions for their animals in the event they precede them in death. In recent years, it has become easier than ever to make estate-planning arrangements for pets.”