The Columbus Dispatch:  “My brother Ross recently died of complications from lung cancer. He was 40.

Ross left a wonderful personal legacy. He was a good father, friend and coach. He was a dedicated educator who devoted his career to working with children with emotional, developmental and physical disabilities.

But like many Americans, my brother failed to take care of his financial affairs even after receiving word that his cancer had progressed and he might not have long to live. He just wouldn’t or couldn’t follow through on advice to prepare a will. Tragically, he was a single parent who left no written instructions regarding guardianship for his 3-year-old son.

Death is hard enough to deal with, but toss in a family with unresolved issues, along with no instructions from the deceased, and you have discord at the time you most need order.

Please, I’m begging you to get your financial affairs in order, especially if you have children or you are responsible for taking care of someone.”