24-7 Press Release:  No one really likes to contemplate his or her own mortality, but traditional wisdom teaches that a little planning during life makes things a lot easier on surviving loved ones after death — which is why it is prudent to make a will. However, many believe that once they have accomplished that task they need never think about it again. The truth is that a person needs to revisit his or her estate plan periodically to ensure that it remains current and accurately expresses his or her wishes, especially after major life events such as marriage, divorce, births, deaths, moves, changes in wealth or possessions, or changes in the law.

Reasons to Have a Will

Creating a will is crucial for each person. Some people believe that if they do not have substantial assets they have no need for a will. However, there are numerous reasons why people should draft wills. Primarily, drafting estate planning documents such as wills and trusts is an act of love for surviving family members. By planning during life, a person saves surviving loved ones the hassle of trying to figure out the deceased's affairs while they are mourning. A will also can help prevent family members from fighting with one another over who gets which possessions because the will distributes the assets.