Nevada Appeal:  Clients often admit that they procrastinated before engaging me, largely because they didn't know what estate planning entailed. Though the process involves some work, a law office that focuses on estate planning matters can walk you through it so that you develop a comfortable understanding of what you are getting and why.

When developing an estate plan, you're planning for the management of your finances during life, and for the eventual transfer of all that you own. When considering a trust-based plan, you and your attorney need to look at all of your assets to determine how they fit into the plan. More importantly, you'll need to look at loved ones and professional contacts to determine who warrants your trust in managing the biggest transaction of your life. Then, you need to talk about your beneficiaries. Whether it's your kids or your favorite charities, how they should receive your assets is all part of the discussion.

If your estate is more complicated, your attorney may want to work directly with your financial adviser or your accountant, and he or she may become one of your long-term advisers. The good news is that the more issues or complications you have without a plan, the more value you'll receive from obtaining one.