NFL Saints Owner’s Family Fighting to Prevent Being Disinherited

Daily Mail:  “Tom Benson, the self-made billionaire who owns two of the NFL and NBA's wealthiest franchises, has broken his silence over the vicious row that has torn his family – and potentially his fortune – apart.  The 87-year-old owns the New Orleans Saints football team and the New Orleans Pelicans basketball team and is considered the richest man in Louisiana, worth an estimated $1.9 million.  However in January he announced plans to cut his children and grandchildren out of their ownership of the teams once he dies, and transfer everything into the name of his third wife, Gayle Benson, causing the family to immediately file lawsuits against him.”

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Britney Spears Ready To End Conservatorship

 Britney Spears is ready to terminate her conservatorship.  She has been under the conservatorship of her father since shortly after her well publicized mental breakdown.  Britney appears to have flourished under the conservatorship, going back on tour, getting engaged, and recently becoming a judge on a hit television show.  The conservatorship has also allowed team Britney to bar adverse parties from deposing her in a number of various lawsuits.  However, as Estate of Denial reports, not everyone agrees that the conservatorship should end:

Britney Spears is ready to ”regain control of her life”.

The ‘X Factor’ judge is reportedly ready for her father Jamie Spears’ conservatorship over her – meaning he is in charge of her personal and professional affairs – to come to an end after just over four years as she is now in a much better place in her life than she was when the ruling was initially put in place.

A source said: ”Britney very much wants the conservatorship to end, she doesn’t understand why it has gone on this long.

”Britney is now a judge on a national hit television show, which will be live when it airs this fall. Britney feels she is ready to regain control of her life now.

”Britney’s dad, Jamie, has conservatorship of her personally and professionally, and this has been going on now for almost four-and-half years.”

However, the ‘Toxic’ hitmaker’s doctors are said to not support her bid to have the conservatorship come to an end.

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Lawyer Appointed To Investigate Witherspoon Case

Estate of Denial:  “A Nashville judge has appointed a lawyer to investigate what’s going on with actress Reese Witherspoon’s father who is accused of bigamy and possibly has dementia, according to documents released in a sealed court case.

Earlier this month, Witherspoon’s mother, Betty Witherspoon, said her husband of 42 years married another woman even though he remained wed to her.

A hearing in that case, which was scheduled for Thursday, has been indefinitely postponed. In the meantime, documents released from another Nashville court indicate that John Witherspoon was placed in a conservatorship at the request of the Academy Award-winning actress and her brother.”

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Judge Seals Conservatorship Case For Reese Witherspoon’s Dad

Estate of Denial:  “When a Davidson County judge closed his courtroom to the public during a conservatorship case involving actress Reese Witherspoon’s father last week, he didn’t just close a day’s proceedings: He sealed the entire case history, something he has done in only a handful of other recent cases.

In sealing the case from public view, 7th Circuit Court Judge Randy Kennedy said the prejudice that would befall the Witherspoon family outweighs the public’s right to know. Kennedy sealed the entire case file — not just individual medical or financial records — and required the media to leave the courtroom.

But completely blocking access can hinder efforts to curb guardianship abuse and prevents the public from performing its watchdog role over the court system, conservatorship reform advocates and a First Amendment expert said.”

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